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Amazon Intelligence

This is your major source of practical knowledge about Amazon business. Amazon Intelligence is the most comprehensive tutoring program you can find on the Internet. It will teach you everything you should know to start your Amazon selling business from scratch and make it thrive. The program comprises seven modules, each of which includes practical exercises and tests assessing your understanding of what you have learned. In particular, Amazon Intelligence program contains the following material:
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  • Seven tutoring modules, which will teach you how to sell on Amazon. Here you will also learn what skills and tools you need to develop to launch your business successfully.
  • Sixty-six online lessons explaining how to promote products on Amazon.
  • Selling experience shared by American experts who possess deep knowledge of brand development on Amazon. Our specialists will also teach you how to make your business blossom.
  • Well-constructed practical lessons teaching you to sell with profit.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to launch your Amazon business and earn an extra income by selling your products.
  • Year-long access to the course’s materials.

Amazon Intelligence PRO

Business Consultations on How to Sell on Amazon

This program is designed for people who have already started their business on Amazon and now want to bring it to the next level. Amazon Intelligence PRO allows you to join the Amazon Intelligence community, whose members will gladly give you tips on how to skyrocket your profits on Amazon. As part of this community, you will share business ideas with seasoned entrepreneurs and will receive valuable recommendations and advice from your fellow sellers and Amazon experts.

The program Amazon Intelligence PRO includes the following material:

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  • Video webinars.
  • Blogs and the Amazon Intelligence Community.
  • A rich arsenal of required tools.
  • A panel of experts.
  • Smart strategies and updates.
  • Task manager.

Amazon Intelligence Genius

Experts’ Course on How to Sell on Amazon

This program comprises private business consultations offered by Amazon experts. It is designed for people who are selling on Amazon and seek professional help to move their business forward. Amazon Intelligence Genius includes ten important sessions focusing on the art of profitable selling on Amazon. You are invited to get in touch with any expert, with whom you can have face-to-face consultations on your chosen subject. The Amazon Intelligence Genius program offers consultations packages devoted to the following topics:

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  • Choosing the right product.
  • Branding.
  • Designing your logo or product.
  • Packaging.
  • Delivery.
  • Working with suppliers.
  • Creating Amazon listing.
  • Setting up PPC campaigns.
  • Communicating with clients.
  • Consultations on general topics. 


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