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Amazon Intelligence Genius Genius

Expert’s personal consulting

We have got in touch with the best specialists in Amazon trading and have asked them to be a part of our Amazon Intelligence Genius program. Brought together, our experts form an excellent team that will help you manage your business so effectively that your profits will soon skyrocket.

Move Your Business Forward with Our Experts’ Invaluable Assistance

Follow our specialists’ professional, personal advice on how to increase your Amazon sales.

Our Amazon Intelligence Genius program is an expert consultation program specifically tailored to your interests and needs. We have prepared 10 crucial educational blocks for managing and promoting your Amazon store.

Choose an expert for the following categories: product selection, branding design, packaging, shipping, working with suppliers, creating a listing, setting up PPC campaigns, working with clients, or consulting on general issues.

You have an option to order a package that includes one-on-one consultations with any of your chosen experts. You can order two free consultations with two different specialists so that you can choose an expert with whom you feel comfortable to carry on a conversation beyond the introductory stage.

Expert consultation packages

Get a 30 minute FREE expert consultation after purchasing a package. You can order 2 such consultations with 2 experts to choose the one with whom you would like to continue

Set Up Your Amazon Central Account

Choose the Right Product to Sell

Create a Brand and Promote Its Identity

Designs and Packaging