Dear clients, scammers are falsely contacting people on our behalf and offer financial services. Followise does NOT deal in any financial, crypto, trading or shares activities. The only service we provide is Amazon training. Please beware of scammers.

Опыт американского предпринимательства Опыт американского предпринимательства

Experience of American entrepreneurship

Followise is a company of business experts. We will help you to set up an Amazon store as one of the largest e-commerce marketplace!

About us

Our team has a large number of successful projects, which continue to work, sell items on amazon and make a profit. We have come a long way in creating and launching a business, developing and scaling it. After that we received a lot of requests for help and consulting, and that is how  the idea to create Amazon training programs appeared!

We have collected all our experience and knowledge and created educational programs for you! 

We are an American company,
and we know exactly how to
work best on the American
Amazon platform
and how to sell best on the US market. We offer a proven, multi-year history of American entrepreneurial approach to doing business.

Followise's mission is to bring its truly comprehensive and rewarding experience to everyone who wants to do business around the world, grow in the Amazon market, and become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

Бизнес-возможности на рынка ЕС и США

Why to do online business with Amazon with Followise

Why us

Our uniqueness is that we are a large team of American experts in Amazon business.

Our programs are the most complete "academy" of knowledge to successfully launch and scale a business on Amazon: training, practice, expert consulting, community. Our trainers are business experts, each of whom has experience of successful Amazon Seller stores and is ready to share its knowledge with others.

Our approaches

We adhere to American and international standards for learning and doing business.

Everything we teach has been tested on our own experience, on a deep understanding of American customer behavior - which products to sell on Amazon and on the U.S. market.

For whom

The programs are suitable for people with different levels of entrepreneurship:

from beginners to those already experienced in trading on Amazon or in domestic markets. We offer 3 different programs for different stages: from launching from scratch to scaling up on Amazon and increasing business efficiency. But the goal is the same for everyone: to have their own business that generates a stable income!

Станьте успешным предпринимателем

It is known that almost 90% of startups close in the first year of existence. All due to lack of knowledge and practical experience, as well as support and environment. 

We are here to help you with our expertise, practical experience, and support when you have questions.

Алекс создает бизнес-стратегии Алекс создает бизнес-стратегии

Amazon business experts

With our company Followise we have come a long way – from starting a business on Amazon to its successful development and scaling it up to a whole chain of stores and product types. 

We have prepared a solid knowledge base, which is constantly updated by a large team of professionals and broadcasted by our employees – experts in their field.

Our experts are American practitioners who have had the experience of starting a business from scratch and now share their approach to business – what are the most profitable products to sell on Amazon. Each expert demonstrates the authoritative knowledge base of the entire Followise company and leads a certain direction in our large team:

Alex | Amazon FBA Specialist

менеджер по закупкам

Zach | Procurement Manager

специалист по FBA

Nelly | Marketing Specialist

специалист по FBA

Karmen | Supply Chain Manager


Ben | Brand Manager

Followise Amazon Intelligence

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