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The Time Is Now to Start Selling on Amazon

Did you know that as many as 150.6 million people around the world search for goods on Amazon? They also consult Amazon as a price comparison engine, where they can compare prices, shipping options, and services from multiple retailers. When you open an Amazon store, you will thus showcase your products to millions of potential customers.   

  • Financial Stability By allowing sellers to receive the proceeds of their earnings in dollars, Amazon ensures their economic stability. No political turmoil or economic crisis occurring in your country would ever ruin your Amazon business. The coronavirus pandemic is a case in point. Whereas most industries have suffered heavy losses, Amazon has emerged as the strong winner of the coronavirus outbreak: it had revenue of $75.4 billion in the first three months of the year, which means that during the pandemic, it has been making over $33 million an hour.
  • Minimal Initial Investment Launching a private label business on Amazon does not require large investments. As you do not need to rent working space, hire employees, or purchase equipment, you will need to invest as little as $2,790-3,940 to open an Amazon store. Considering that most Amazon sellers earn from $3,000 to $25,000 per month, this is indeed a small investing amount.
  • Freedom and Flexibility Because an Amazon business is conducted over the internet, you do not need to be in a specific physical place to sell products on its website. You can manage your Amazon store from any location in the world, even when you are globe-trotting. Nor are there fixed working hours required to make your business thrive. When you sell on Amazon, you may devote as much time to your shop, as you deem necessary.
  • Amazon’s Support Amazon does not leave its sellers to their own devices, obliging them to take care of all business chores.  Quite the contrary, Amazon takes full responsibility for storing sellers’ goods, organizing deliveries, processing payments, accepting returns, and giving refunds. 
  • Launching One’s Own Brand Only on Amazon can you sell products with your own unique brand label. Your products can have a singular design, logo, and package that will set them off among similar items appearing on the internet and will make them memorable in the eyes of millions of customers.

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Our programs invite you to talk to American entrepreneurs about the specificity of selling products to western customers whose mentality can be different from clients in your native country.


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Followise Amazon Intelligence
Followise Amazon Intelligence Followise Amazon Intelligence Followise Amazon Intelligence Followise Amazon Intelligence Followise Amazon Intelligence

Our Specialists
Share Their Knowledge

Followise experts are American entrepreneurs with considerable Amazon business experience and practice. Having started their own stores from scratch, now they are giving valuable tips on how to sell profitably on Amazon. Although our experts have deep knowledge of the whole Amazon business, they specialize in specific areas. Each of them delivers lectures on only several topics, ensuring thereby that you receive the most nuanced explanation of the material.

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